Who is your Asst. Curate?

I was born in Britain but grew up in Zambia, returning to Britain for my secondary education. My first foray to Scotland was for my first university degree, based at the University of Stirling. I graduated with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science in 1998 and followed this up by studying Remote Sensing at the University of London. This course covered the basics of putting satellite payloads into space, as well as researching the technologies and methods by which earth observation could be conducted through aerial photography and satellite images. It also covered a short introduction into the fledgling science of Geographic Information Systems which became my mainstay for the next fifteen years. My first post graduate contract was with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), based in Edinburgh. After a year or so, I joined SNH on a permanent basis, initially as a Geographic Information Officer creating maps. I began to digitise protected areas such as SSSIs, SACs, SPAs and so on and was asked to digitise the initial boundary of the Cairngorms National Park, amongst others. In 2004, I moved to Inverness with SNH, and became a team coordinator in the Geographic Information Group in SNH. I liaised with internal and external clients, working with many different types of data and different government based organisations. The tasks of the post varied over the ensuing years, with various recruitments and responsibilities, including helping to produce business cases, the suite of Marine Protected Areas, and cartographic maps for National Nature Reserves.

Discernment for ordained ministry in the Chuch began in earnest in 2013, and in early 2015 whilst managing two vacancies at work, I attended a Bishops’ Advisory Panel. The success of this led to discussions in Edinburgh and the offer of a place in full time education at New College, University of Edinburgh. I graduated with a 2:1 Master of Divinity (Hons) in 2018. Whilst at New College, I also attended our own Scottish Episcopal Institute (SEI), learning what it means to be in ordained ministry within the Scottish Episcopal Church, attending seminars and submitting assignments towards a Common Awards diploma with the University of Durham. Graduation from SEI was in June 2018, and brings to an end the first three years of initial ministry education (IME 1-3). During my curacy I will continue my education in the next three years of ministry (IME 4-6).