Bible studies

The Gospel of Matthew

The course will cover the following, with a view to understanding the passages we read on Sundays throughout Year A in their historical context. 

  1. The history and structure of the book
  2. The Messiah Revealed
  3. Responses to the Messiah
  4. The Messiah’s Mission
  5. The Kingdom of Heaven
  6. Discipleship

We will look at how applicable the various sayings and stories are to our own lives. The result of such an exercise will hopefully enable us to travel more affirmatively and deeply with each other.

Week 1

The questions used in week one’s study are those that any biblical researcher asks when they start studying a book of the Bible.

Week 2

How did Matthew choose to reveal the Messiah?

Week 3

What were some of the responses to the Messiah?

Week 4

In Progress

Week 5

In Progress

Week 6

In Progress

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