Curate’s Letter: The show must go on. March 2020

“The Show Must Go On” was recorded by Queen in 1991. ‘The show must go on’ is a phrase that has been coming back to me time and time again as the political, cultural and emotional climates we are in have changed so rapidly out of all proportion in the past few weeks. Yet, ifContinue reading “Curate’s Letter: The show must go on. March 2020”

New weekly services from around the Province March 2020

Bishop Mark led with the first online service at 11am on Sunday 22nd. These will be a regular occurence during the time our churches are temporarily closed. The website of the Scottish Episcopal Church has a page devoted to this, and the liturgy for the service can also be downloaded. This comes from St. Duthac’sContinue reading “New weekly services from around the Province March 2020”

Mothering Sunday, 2020

To be honest, this is not the reflection I was expecting to write for Mothering Sunday this year. Some connections with he Mother Church (and there are various versions of what that should be); some comparisons between our human mothers and the church; some meaningful discussion on the role of Mary as the Mother of Christ;Continue reading “Mothering Sunday, 2020”

Current Schedule, March 2020

Sadly, as a result of Coronavirus, there are no regular services or meetings at the present time as our church buildings are closed for the time being.  We will continue to post a sermon or reflection each week and updates of things that are happening in other ways.  Visit our Service Updates for news and information about online and broadcast services in ourContinue reading “Current Schedule, March 2020”

Curate’s Letter: Lent 2020

The writing of the Curate’s Letter comes amid the frantic throes of working out just what is required for the season of Lent as well as working in the preparation for not one but two baptisms at Easter and also confirmation classes. I have a mound of chocolates on my desk so I won’t beContinue reading “Curate’s Letter: Lent 2020”

Salt of the Earth, Feb 2020

Salt. I wonder how many times you’ve heard sermons on us as humans being the salt of the earth. I’m hoping and praying that I can provide some new insight that allows you to go home with a new understanding of salt. We all know that salt can’t actually lose it’s saltiness. That’s its chemicalContinue reading “Salt of the Earth, Feb 2020”

New service at Murkle, Caithness

We’re really excited to offer a service at Murkle Community Centre. This will follow the framework of services within the Scottish Episcopal Church, without the rigidity of the services currently provided in St John’s or St Peter & the Holy Rood. It is envisaged that the services will run on the first and third WednesdaysContinue reading “New service at Murkle, Caithness”

Curate’s Christmas Letter, 2019

It is almost the winter solstice as I write this last letter of 2019 and the first of 2020. The sun is beginning to set having carved a pale arc through the sky. Of course we know that the Earth is almost at its full tilt with the northern hemisphere away from the sun andContinue reading “Curate’s Christmas Letter, 2019”