The season of Lent

We have celebrated Christmas tide and Epiphany tide. We have explored (albeit briefly) Christ’s presentation in the temple, his baptism and his transfiguration. We now begin to turn our minds to the Cross and what it means for us. Like Advent, Lent is a journey. We are all on that journey and I hope that in the provision of services and bible studies we can travel together, understanding what it means to be a community and expanding that community and our comfort zones as we learn more about being a disciple of Christ.

Shrove Tuesday sees the annual pancake and crepe event in St John’s Church Hall.

On Ash Wednesday there are three services with the imposition of ashes. These are 10:30 am, St Peter & the Holy Rood, Thurso (Eucharist), 18:30 pm, St John’s, Wick (with Reserved Sacrament) and 19:00 pm, St Peter & the Holy Rood, Thurso (also with Reserved Sacrament).

Our Lent Bible Study begins on Thursday 27th February in the Community Cafe, Thurso, at 19:00 pm with a short service and prayers for healing.

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