New service at Murkle, Caithness

We’re really excited to offer a service at Murkle Community Centre. This will follow the framework of services within the Scottish Episcopal Church, without the rigidity of the services currently provided in St John’s or St Peter & the Holy Rood.

It is envisaged that the services will run on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, at 12:30 pm. While a lunchtime slot is not to everyone’s tastes, it does mean the service can continue during the winter months in daylight hours. Feedback has shown that this is vital.

Murkle Community Centre is fully accessible and has its own car park. We ask that you take great care turning in and out of the car park, and allow a door’s width between cars. This is especially important for those needing wheelchair access.

The centre is located on the A836. From Thurso, it is on the right, after a house, just after one enters the 50 mph zone in the bottom of the strath. From Castletown, drive down the hill from the actual village, and after a small intersection, the centre is on the left.

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