Ellie’s Ordination to the Presbyterate on the Feast of St Matthew, 21st September 2019.

An article was written up for the John O’Groat Journal. A great day was enjoyed by all. Many colourful images are included with the article.

What a marvellous day, the weather was perfect with wall to wall sunshine, the organisation and the arrangements were impeccable. The church was packed. The combined choirs of St Johns Singers and St Peters Choir having spent weeks practising under the direction of Susie Dingle sang their hearts out and even impressed the Bishop who used all 12 words on the inside back page of the order of service in his sermon. I found the whole service to be a spiritual moment; I say “moment” because I was so immersed in it that before I knew it was over and we were outside receiving blessings from Ellie. Much was made about the Children’s Corner which utilised Aberdeen and Orkney’s Play Church, a play tent and many cushions. There then ensued a really scrumptious tea in the RBLS – many thanks to the organisers. I came away truly full.  Written by Richard Stanley.

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